Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Facebook Can Get You Fired

Ever find yourself procrastinating at work on Facebook? You know, checking pictures, keeping up-to-date on what your friends are doing,  writing witty status updates. I know just how addictive it can get. I've been there. Despite this attraction, it can be a valuable  job search tool. Job searchers post status updates about the type of work they're looking for; Employers post hiring updates.

However, there is more to this intrusive social media site than just catching up with friends. There are certain boundaries and discretion that should be observed when using Facebook regularly.  While employers may post updates announcing what particular jobs are available, or what type of skill set they are looking for,  they can just as easily investigate and judge you based on your Facebook profile.  When using social media tools it's important to consider that your Facebook pictures, or status updates can be searched if precautions aren't taken. Openbook, the website that searches 'public' status updates highlights how easily a profile can be exposed if privacy settings haven't been established.

So here's how to protect yourself:

   1. Clean up our pictures. Be conscientious of what pictures you want to post and share. Want to post some wild and compromising photos? You may want to think again. While you're at it, remove tags from any other inappropriate photos that could lead to embarrassment.

   2. Religion and politics are no-no's. Unless religion or politics is your profession, you may want to steer clear of making any religious or politically sensitive remarks. It's like any potential employer is going to want to know which way you vote.

   3. Privacy settings. You may want to make sure you secure your personal information or pictures before applying for positions or accepting a friend request from an employer. Facebook has a number of privacy settings that can assist you in protecting yourself, and ensuring you to control what people see and don't see.

Facebook is fun, who doesn't like it? It also can be a very valuable job search tool. However, whenever you're using any social media, or the internet based social site; discretion should always be advised.

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